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Chapter 25. Business Writing: Write Angl... > Resumés and Cover Letters: Get on th... - Pg. 255

Business Writing: Write Angles · · · · · 255 The relationship between the writer and reader is established at the beginning of the letter. Any necessary background information is provided. If action is required on the part of the reader, the action is stated outright. If the letter is a response, it mentions the date of the previous contact. The tone matches the occasion. A letter to a colleague is appropriately friendly, but general business correspondence is formal. · The overall tone is always polite. Danger, Will Robinson Using e-mail addresses like sonofsatan, hotlips69, and imababy will get you kicked out of the pile so fast you'll get whip-lash. Your e-mail should read: Firstname_Lastname@carrier, as in Business communication falls into the following general categories: letters of application, informa- tional letters, and memos. Let's check out these categories. Resumés and Cover Letters: Get on the Fast Track You don't have to rescue a child from under a flaming Chevy or donate a kidney to get the job you