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Chapter 25. Business Writing: Write Angles > Good News, Bad News - Pg. 264

Business Writing: Write Angles 264 If you have to present some negative news, give the facts a positive spin, but don't be dishonest. You'll lose credibility and may even expose yourself and the company to litigation. April 4, 2003 Dear Fellow Resident: Over the past four years, Faulty Towers has enjoyed excellent service at a cost lower than the prevailing rates in this part of Icy Falls. Through careful planning, the condominium board has been able to maintain services in spite of changing economic conditions. We are happy to report that we can continue to provide excellent service but we are no longer able to avoid a fee increase. Accordingly, at the January meeting your directors authorized a 5 percent increase in condo- minium fees for the 2003­2004 fiscal year. The directors know that any increase in fees is unwelcome. The fee increase was mandated by the following conditions: 1. 2. 3. a 6 percent increase in county taxes; a 7 percent increase in utility costs; and a new labor contract with the maintenance staff that calls for a 9 percent wage increase over 2 years. You will note that the 5 percent increase is below the average of increases in comparable condominiums in the Icy Falls area. Faulty Towers still costs less per month than comparable buildings. We will continue to work hard to provide outstanding service at a competitive price. Sincerely, Rick Taylor