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Chapter 25. Business Writing: Write Angl... > Resumés and Cover Letters: Get on th... - Pg. 259

Business Writing: Write Angles Editor 1996­1997 Big Books (a division of Bigger Books), Oakland, CA 259 · Edit, copyedit, proofread · Write test questions and introductory copy addressing teachers Freelance Editor Assistant Manager 1993­1996 1973­1980 Dewey Cheatem and Howe Law Offices, Cincinnati, OH · Varied projects, including PR brochures, advertisements, and a cookbook · Accountable for accuracy of legal briefs · Copywrite, copyedit, and proofread · Oversee print production and schedules · Train junior staff W RITING Freelance Author · Two study guides for series What's the Big Idea? (First Steps, Inc.), Winter, 2001 · Essays, LI Parenting News and Newsday T EACHING Teacher, First and Fifth Grades; Drama Club Director, Family Math Presenter, 1990­1993 Washington Elementary School, Oakland, CA Corrective Math Teacher, Grades 3­6; 1990 Washington Elemen- tary School, Oakland, CA New York Univer- sity, New York, NY C ERTIFICATION E DUCATION New York State Permanent Certification: Elementary Education, N-6/English, 7­9 Master of Arts, English Literature Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, English and Creative Writing