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Chapter 25. Business Writing: Write Angl... > Resumés and Cover Letters: Get on th... - Pg. 257

Business Writing: Write Angles 257 A chronological resumé summarizes your accomplishments in reverse chronological order (starting with the most recent and working backward). It stresses degrees, job titles, and dates. Consider using a chronological resumé when ... · Your education and experience are logical preparation for the job you want. · You have an impressive education or job history. The following chronological resumé shows a candidate steadily moving up the job ladder. Name Street Address City, Town, ZIP Code Telephone number OBJECTIVE EDUCATION To secure a promotional or editorial position in the publishing industry. Boston College, Boston, MA Candidate for Masters in business and public relations GPA 3.72 Boston College, Boston, MA Bachelors of business in marketing PUBLISHED WORK RELE- VANT EXPERIENCE Articles on comic books published in Comics Weekly, The Comics Scene, and Boston Tab Comics International, Boston, MA Promotions assistant · Wrote press releases · Conducted research to introduce comics to student population through symposia and articles 2000­ 2001­ May, 2001 May, 2003 Comics Close-Up, Boston, MA 2002­2003 · Developed and produced an innovative weekly radio program on WQBC · Examined the comics field and literature · Arranged and conducted interviews with noted comic book artists and writers ACTIVITIES Student Senate, elected repre- sentative English and writing tutor Student Activities Council HONORS AWARDS Boston College Award of Ex- cellence Phi Beta Kappa 2002­2003 2001­2003 2001­2003 2002 2002 Skills Resumé A skills resumé emphasizes your skills. Consider using a skills resumé when ... · You are no longer a spring chicken and wish to hide your age because of the common bias against more mature and experienced workers. · Your education and experience are not the usual preparation for the job you want. · You lack an impressive education or job history. · Arranging your recent work history in reverse chronological order would create the wrong im- pression (perhaps because you have been demoted, fired, or hopped from job to job).