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Chapter 1. Are You Grammarphobic? > How Can You Tell If You're Grammarphobic? - Pg. 2

2 Chapter 1. Are You Grammarphobic? In This Chapter · Learn how people feel about grammar · Probe the influence of words on thought and speech · Define grammar, usage, mechanics, and style A favorite proverb of the arts-and-crafts set is "One picture is worth a thousand words." Nope. It really isn't so. Just try to use a picture to teach people. You'll quickly find out that you need a thou- sands words--or more!--to tell them exactly what to look at and why. Whatever you might have heard about cultural illiteracy, the closing of the American mind, and TV rotting our brains, Americans are passionately in love with their language, perhaps more so now than ever before. And we greatly respect people who can use English correctly, with skill, grace, and flair. We know they tend to succeed in whatever they attempt, because they have the tools to