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Chapter 5. Altered States: Verbs > Person, Number, and Mood - Pg. 54

Altered States: Verbs 54 You Could Look It Up Mood shows the attitude expressed toward the action. It refers to the ability of verbs to convey a writer's attitude toward a subject. 1. 2. 3. Indicative:used for statements and questions of fact. For example: · Ohio rejected this license plate motto: Don't judge us by Cleveland. · Kentucky did not like this motto: Tobacco is a vegetable. Imperative:expresses commands and direct requests. The imperative mood always uses the simple form of the verb. The subject may be omitted. In these cases, the subject is always assumed to be you or one of the indefinite pronouns, such as anybody and somebody. Here are some examples: · Please shut your mouth. · Watch out! (The subject, you, is omitted.) Subjunctive:expresses conditions, recommendations, speculations, and indirect requests. For instance: · Whether it be now or later, we must eventually face the truth.