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Chapter 5. Altered States: Verbs > All Tensed Up: Using Verb Tense Correctly - Pg. 51

Altered States: Verbs Tense Past progressive Present perfect progressive Past perfect progressive Use Condition completed before another Continuous completed action Action going into present Continuing action interrupted by another Example 51 I had been sad before the new tofu arrived. I was snoring that week. I have been snoring all week. I had been snoring when the house col- lapsed. Back to the Future This table explains the future tenses. Table 5-6. Future Tenses Tense Simple future Future perfect Use Future action Future condition Future action done before another Future condition done before another Future progressive Future perfect progressive Continuing future action Continuing future action done before an- other Example The sponge will dry. I will be happy when it does. By the time you read this, the sponge will be dry. The sponge will have been on the window for a week. They will be buying sponges this week. When we lunch next week, I will have been pumping iron for at least a week. A Note on Verbs for Non-Native Speakers