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Chapter 5. Altered States: Verbs > Verb Tense: Nothing a Little Prozac Wouldn't... - Pg. 49

Altered States: Verbs 49 Quoth the Maven Something must be laid, nothing can be lied. Study the following table to further clarify lie and lay. Or have it tattooed in your palm for ready reference. Table 5-3. The Various Forms of Lie and Lay Verb lie Meaning to repose flat Examples Present tense: Fido lies down. Past tense: Fido lay down. Future tense: Fido will lie down. Perfect tense: Fido has lain down. lay to put down Present tense: Lay your cards down. Past tense: He laid the cards down. Future tense: He will lay his cards down. Perfect tense: He has laid his cards down. Party Pooper: Test Time I know you need this quiz like Sinatra needs singing lessons, but humor me. Circle the correct form of each verb in parentheses. Then identify the verb as regular or irregular. 1. Martin Buser (took/taking/taked) his third Iditarod title in the grueling Alaskan dogsled race. However, the team from Beverly Hills has yet to finish. Apparently, French poodles weren't the way to go. The verb is (regular/irregular). President Clinton has (proposed/proposing) free TV time for candidates. "Not good," said one commentator. "This could mean Sonny Bono will be back on television." The verb is (regular/irregular). NBA's Dennis Rodman's announcement that he would (choose/chose) professional wrestling has caused a stir. "I hope that sport doesn't turn him into some weird spectacle," said one viewer. The verb is (regular/irregular). When he heard that Tonya Harding described herself as "the Charles Barkley of figure skat- ing," Barkley was (going/went/gone) to sue Tonya Harding for defamation of character. "But then I realized that I had no character," he said. The verb is (regular/irregular). The feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers continues. It all (started/starting) over the usual: Who controls what, who insulted whom, whether the theories of Kierkegaard still have relevance ... The verb is (regular/irregular). My karma just (run/ran) over your dogma. The verb is (regular/irregular). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Answers