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Part IV: Polishing Your Cybermanners - Pg. 39

39 R UB O UT THE P ASTE For the following exercise, underline the power words, bracket the paste, and tally each. Rewrite the sentences, eliminating as much paste as pos- sible and making any changes necessary to strengthen each sentence. 1. In the event that the building loses power and the lights go off during working hours, all employees are instructed to remain seated at their desks and await the instruc- tions of the department manager who is assigned to super- vise the activity of the department. ____ Number of Power Words ____ Number of Paste Words __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 2. I am sending this e-mail to all members of our association's board of directors to notify each and every member of the board of directors that effective the first of the new year the board will meet every third Monday of each month for the purpose of discussing association business matters. ____ Number of Power Words ____ Number of Paste Words __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 3. Per your e-mail directive of April 1: My understanding is that there is to be no more parking of employee cars in parking spots designated for visitors to the company, nor is there to be any further tolerance of healthy company workers parking their vehicles in spaces that have been designated for disabled persons. Writing Effective E-Mail ____ Number of Power Words ____ Number of Paste Words __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Compare your answers with the authors' suggested responses in the Appendix.