Nancy Flynn is founder and executive director of The ePolicy Institute™ an organization devoted to helping employers reduce electronic liabilities, while helping employees enhance their e-mail writing and e-mail management skills. Through the ePolicy Institute Speakers’ Bureau, Ms. Flynn delivers keynote speeches and conducts e-mail writing, e-mail management, and e-policy seminars for corporations, associations, and government entities throughout North America and around the globe. As you read through the material, you will quickly experience the interactive nature of the book. There are numerous exercises, real-world case studies, and examples that invite your opinion, as well as checklists, tips, and concise summaries that reinforce your understanding of the concepts presented.

Coverage includes:

  • To review workplace e-mail risks and suggest strategies for writing safe and secure e-mail to help keep the organization in business and out of court.

  • To explore the role clear and concise e-mail plays in positioning both employees and organizations before internal and external audiences.

  • To review strategies for writing persuasive e-mail messages that are opened and acted upon—not ignored and deleted—by readers.

  • To discuss technological tools and common-sense techniques to help senders and receivers successfully manage, organize, and transmit their e-mail.

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