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Chapter 12. Reviewing, testing, and eval... > Reviewing the visual elements

Reviewing the visual elements

Visual designers review information and software interfaces for how well their visual elements attract and motivate users and convey the intended meaning. Table 8 shows the relevant quality characteristics.

Table 8. Quality characteristics for visual designers to focus on
Quality characteristicGuideline
Easy to useTask orientationThe information is appropriate for the intended audience.
The information is presented from the user's point of view.
The focus is on real tasks.
AccuracyThe information is accurate and technically current.
The information about a subject is consistent.
CompletenessTopics support users' tasks.
Topics contain as much detail as users need.
Patterns of information ensure proper coverage.
The information is repeated only when necessary.
Easy to understandClarityThe focus is on the meaning.
Similar topics are presented in a similar way.
ConcretenessThe examples are appropriate for the audience and subject.
The examples are easy to find.
StyleStyle guidelines are followed.
Easy to findOrganizationEmphasis and subordination are appropriate.
Users can see how the pieces fit together.
RetrievabilityNavigation and search are easy.
The table of contents has an appropriate level of detail.
Entry points are helpful.
Linked-to information is easy to find in the target topic.
Visual effectivenessThe graphics are meaningful and appropriate.
The graphics complement the text.
The visual elements are used for emphasis.
The visual elements are logical and consistent.
The visual elements are balanced.
Visual cues help users find what they need.
The textual elements are legible.
All users can access the information.



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