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Chapter 12. Reviewing, testing, and eval... > Testing technical information

Testing technical information

Just as you cannot test quality into a product that has not been developed to meet quality standards, you cannot test quality into information that has been developed without regard for quality. However, appropriate testing can help you find and fix certain types of problems with information, as shown in Table 7.

Table 7. Quality characteristics for testers to focus on
Quality characteristicGuideline
Easy to useTask orientationThe focus is on real tasks.
Step-by-step instructions are clear.
AccuracyThe information has been verified.
The information reflects the current subject or product.
Corrections have been made based on tools.
The references to related information are correct.
CompletenessEach topic has just the detail that users need.
Easy to understandClarityThe language is unambiguous.
ConcretenessThe examples are focused, realistic, accurate, and up to date.
The examples are easy to find.
The context for examples and scenarios is described.
Easy to findOrganizationOrganization of the tasks is by order of use.
Organization of the topics enables quick retrieval.
RetrievabilityNavigation and search are easy.
The index is complete.
The table of contents has an appropriate level of detail.
Linked-to information is easy to find in the target topic.
Visual effectivenessThe textual information is legible.
All users can access the information.



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