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Section: 5 Words for Work > The Internet 1 - Pg. 156

156 Chapter 32. The Internet 1 The beginning of the twenty-first century saw what some have called the "invasion of the Internet." Indeed, the "information superhighway" has changed many aspects of business life, education, and everyday living forever. While inventive youth, technology wizards, and venture capitalists were quick to enter the fray in cyberspace, skeptics prophesied that the Web would crumble and leave Internet marketing, information, and investments in a shambles. The final count will probably not be seen for a long while, but e-mail and the Web are definitely here to stay. In this lesson and the one that follows, you will become familiar with a selection of the terms that have entered our language since the Web became so accessible and easy to use. E-Mail Figure 32.1 shows the life of an e-mail message, from its composition by the e-mail sender to its receipt by the e-mail recipient. Trace the path of the message. Notice the various pieces of equip-