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Section: 4 Troublemakers

Section 4: Troublemakers

Some words in our language persistently cause problems. Words that share the same spelling or sound similar, or both, can be easily confused. Mistakes in using these words can be embarrassing because their meanings are different, and in business situations you are expected to use them correctly. These lessons on “troublemakers” will teach you to recognize and use these terms correctly.

The following pairs are the troublemakers covered in Lessons 21 through 24:

accept, exceptdiscreet, discrete
access, excessdisinterested, uninterested
affect, effectelicit, illicit
allusion, illusioneminent, imminent
anecdote, antidoteperquisite, prerequisite
capital, capitolprecede, proceed
council, counselprincipal, principle
disburse, dispersestationary, stationery


Circle the word in parentheses that best completes each sentence.

1:Stella completed all of the pages (accept / except) page 31.
A1: except
2:What (affect / effect) will the budget cuts have on the local schools?
A2: effect
3:Great! That's a (capital / capitol) idea!
A3: capital
4:The (council / counsel) will meet next Tuesday.
A4: council
5:Who will (disburse / disperse) the funds when the accounts become available?
A5: disburse
6:The disputing family members requested a (disinterested / uninterested) person to make a decision.
A6: disinterested
7:The physician was an (eminent / imminent) professional in the medical world.
A7: eminent
8:The radio announced that the arrival of the hurricane along the coast was (eminent / imminent).
A8: imminent
9:He refused to agree to the terms of the settlement not because of money but as a matter of (principal / principle).
A9: principle
10:Use the (stationary / stationery) that has just arrived from the printer.
A10: stationery



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