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Chapter 23. Troublemakers 3 > Working with Words

Working with Words


Circle the letter next to the answer that best completes each sentence. Use your knowledge of context clues, prefixes, and roots to help you decide.

1:The program consists of six _______________ parts.

(a) silent

(b) discrete

(c) eminent

(d) discreet

2:Oliver, a psychology major, was _______________ in the book about horses.

(a) unintentional

(b) discrete

(c) uninterested

(d) illicit

3:In order to _______________ more responses to the ad, the firm offered a ten percent discount.

(a) emanate

(b) elicit

(c) eliminate

(d) illicit

4:The council discovered that the _______________ politician had been covering up some illegal uses of campaign funds.

(a) eminent

(b) discrete

(c) elicit

(d) imminent

5:At the moment in the drama when the arrival of the evil spirits was _______________, the curtain fell for intermission.

(a) discrete

(b) eminent

(c) uninterested

(d) imminent

6:The lecture was long and the students were not very _______________ about hiding their boredom; some yawned and fell asleep.

(a) discreet

(b) distinct

(c) discovered

(d) discrete

7:Find a _______________ person to help you settle your dispute.

(a) disputable

(b) disoriented

(c) disinterested

(d) diluted

8:Following the _______________ transfer of funds, the clerk was dismissed from the job.

(a) illicit

(b) illusory

(c) diluted

(d) uninterested


Circle the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to each italicized word.

1:elicit: eliminate, draw out, illicit
2:eminent: emanate, prominent, emigrant
3:discreet: disoriented, diplomatic, distinct, destructive
4:disinterested: fair, bored, poor, safe
5:illicit: unreadable, careless, unlawful, unlicensed
6:imminent: about to leave, about to happen, about to mine, not small
7:discrete: boring, singular, undone, soft, separate
8:uninterested: fair, singular, bored, paid


From the following list, select the word that best completes each sentence and write the word in the blank space provided. Use your knowledge of “troublemakers” and sentence context to help you decide. Use each word only once. Use all of the words.


1:Rob, _______________ in the topic of today's lecture, was writing a letter to a friend rather than taking notes.
2:The _______________ physician was nominated for an international award in science.
3:The survey was designed to _______________ information about spending habits among young homeowners.
4:The new division is not connected to ours; it is a _______________ unit.
5:The decision, a fair one, was made by a _______________ judge.
6:Another term for illegal or unlawful is _______________.
7:Employees in the payroll department should be _______________ about other employees' salaries.
8:When the radio broadcast that the storm was _______________, the townspeople hurried for shelter.


Use each of the following words in a sentence that demonstrates that you understand the meaning of the word.




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