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Chapter 21. Troublemakers 1 > Working with Words

Working with Words


Circle the letter next to the answer that best completes the sentence. Use your knowledge of context clues, prefixes, and roots to help you decide.

1:While the speaker appeared to be very cool, his voice during the speech was filled with _______________.

(a) allusion

(b) affect

(c) illusion

(d) effect

2:Houdini, the famous magician, was a master of _______________.

(a) profusion

(b) derision

(c) allusion

(d) illusion

3:Will the new computer _______________ your work?

(a) excess

(b) affect

(c) affirm

(d) except

4:Who has _______________ to the building on weekends?

(a) access

(b) allusion

(c) excess

(d) illusion

5:Please _______________ our apologies for the error on your invoice.

(a) affect

(b) access

(c) accept

(d) except

6:We need to _______________ changes in the firm's work schedules.

(a) effect

(b) excess

(c) except

(d) affirm

7:_______________ for Tuesday, we add the cash at four; Tuesdays we do it at six.

(a) Extra

(b) Excess

(c) Accept

(d) Except

8:What _______________ did the new building heater have on energy use?

(a) accept

(b) effect

(c) time

(d) allusion


In each group, underline the word that does not belong with the others. Then state why it doesn't belong.

1:illusion, appraisal, unreal, magic
2:outcome, affect, effect, result
3:leave out, except, all but, excess
4:reference, alluring, allusion, hint
5:excess, extra, except, additional
6:availability, access, path, computer
7:accept, take, except, receive
8:emotion, effect, affect, feeling


From the following list, select the word that best completes each sentence and write the word in the blank space provided. Use your knowledge of “troublemakers” and sentence context to help you decide. Use each word only once. Use all of the words.


1:I need _______________ to the supply room in order to take inventory tonight.
2:The disappearance was just an _______________.
3:She refused to _______________ the statements in the report as accurate.
4:What _______________ did the new environmental protection regulations have on the factory's waste disposal?
5:The article made an _______________ to possible fraud on the part of the chief accounting officer.
6:The plan is complete _______________ for estimating final costs.
7:Can we rent out the _______________ storage space?
8:Although Frank's magazine article was supposed to be highly objective, it was written with great _______________.


Use each of the following words in a sentence that demonstrates that you understand the meaning of the word.

1: accept
2: except
3: illusion
4: excess
5: effect
6: affect
7: access
8: allusion



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