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The Web


TO: Marketing Department Staff

SUBJECT: New Web Site Domain Names

We have just registered three new domain names, which we shall

use for the new Web sites we are building for the new juice

product, Joosey Juice. The domain names we have registered are

jooseyjuice.com, jooseyjuice.biz, and jooseyjuice.net. We are also

considering registration of the domain name jooseyjuice.org for our

nonprofit sister company. Other extensions such as .mil (military),

.gov (government), and .edu (educational institution) are, of

course, not appropriate for us.

   The Web sites will have approximately 20 Web pages each. The

sites will have a substantial number of links to other sites for

nutrition education, fun and games for young children, and plant

science, particularly regarding fruit trees. Furthermore, each site

will include a page for staff news and updates. The URL for the

staff page on jooseyjuice.com will be



Circle the letter next to the best answer for each question. Use the context clues in the preceding memo to help you decide.

1:Which of the following is an example of a domain name?

(a) http://www.shoesforfitness.com

(b) shoesforfitness

(c) shoesforfitness.com

(d) .com

A1: (c). Only shoesforfitness.com is a domain name. The first choice contains the domain name, but it is a complete Web page address, a URL. The second choice is not a domain name because it is missing the extension. The fourth choice is not a domain name; it is only an extension.
2:Which of the following is true about Web page links?

(a) Web pages can have many links to many other Web pages.

(b) There are probably billions of links on the Web.

(c) Links can give users easy access to a great deal of additional information.

(d) All of the above

A2: (d). All of these statements are true about links.
3:Which of the following choices is an example of a domain name extension?

(a) /pageone.htm

(b) pageone.com

(c) .com

(d) domainname.com

A3: (c). The extension of a domain name consists of the two or three characters following the dot in the domain name.
4:Which of the following is an example of a URL?

(a) http://www.saladdays.net/romainelettuce.htm

(b) saladdays.net

(c) saladdays

(d) romainelettuce.htm

A4: (a). A URL is the complete, specific, and unique address of a Web page or image or other element of a Web site.
5:Which of the following statements is true?

(a) Domain names are registered so that any given domain name can-not be assigned to two different people or companies.

(b) A Web site may have many Web pages.

(c) The graphics on a Web page have their own URL.

(d) All of the above

A5: (d). All of these statements are true. Read the following definitions for further clarification.



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