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Chapter 27. Sales > Customer Support

Customer Support

					Internal Memorandum

TO: Rich Andrews, VP Sales

FROM: Rob Jones

SUBJECT: Customer Meeting with Susan Smith

Earlier this week I met with Susan Smith, the operations manager at

Primary Presses Company. I used the consultative selling approach by

asking her about the company's needs or problems. We discussed their

need to improve the efficiency of their equipment. I suggested that

they could solve their low output problem by upgrading the feeder

systems rather than the entire machines. This will improve their

output and save them the extremely high expense of new machines.

   I gave Susan information on the model XL4073D feeders. The

pamphlet entitled “Facts about Your Feeders” is our features-and-

benefits analysis for this model. It includes a list of the key

features of this model and outlines ways in which this particular

press can save the customer's space, reduce noise levels, and add

time to the day!

   Other sales collaterals that I left with Susan included the

company brochure emphasizing our excellent customer service and low

repair record, the product description sheets for the new XL651

integrated system, and a desk calendar for next year.

   I expect to follow up with this client on the 6th of next month.



Circle T or F to indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false.


TFRob Jones uses consultative selling strategies to sell his company's products.


True. Rob Jones identified the customer's problem of low output and their need to avoid spending huge amounts of money. Then he acted like a consultant by suggesting ways to do these.


TFRob Jones tries to help solve his customers' problems.


True. Trying to solve customers' problems is the key part of consultative selling.


TFSaving space is an example of a feature.


False. “A small footprint” or “14 square inches” would be features. Saving space is the benefit.


TFSaving space is an example of a benefit.


True. Saving space is a benefit.


TFSales collaterals are junior sales representatives.


False. Sales collaterals are materials that support the sales of a product or service.



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