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Chapter 16. Roots: Doing > -port-, -fer- - Pg. 76

76 Chapter 16. Roots: Doing The roots that you will learn to recognize and use in this lesson are all related to doing or actions. Many English words are derived from these roots related to carrying, sending, and turning. Circle the words in the following passage that you think might have roots related to carrying, sending, or turning. The Arbor Imports Company has recently announced that a new conifer developed in the Orient is now available at its greenhouses for immediate transfer to your garden. This new tree, which Arbor imported by obtaining a special permit from the agricultural commission, is a garden min- iature that grows to about three feet. Begin now to convert your yard to a serene retreat from worldly cares. Visit Arbor Imports today! Did you circle imports, conifer, transfer, permit, commission, and convert? -port-, -fer-