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Working with Words


From the following list, select the prefix that best completes each word and write the prefix in the blank space provided. The root of the word is provided for you. Use the sentence context to help you decide. Some prefixes will be used more than once, but use all of them.


Q1:In the (1) ________________ logue that (2) ________________ duces his book, The Computer User at Work, author Kenneth Harms (3) ________________ plains the (4) ________________ stances under which he decided to write about computers in the workplace. Several years ago, Harms noticed that computer usage (5) ________________ vaded all the departments in his company. Harms decided that he needed to learn how to operate a computer soon—or risk the loss of his job. The Computer User at Work is intended to help readers learn to (6) ________________ form some basic computer operations. Harms (7) ________________ lates computer jargon for the nonuser and (8) ________________ duces concepts in simple form. If you (9) ________________ see computers entering your workplace, I highly recommend that you (10) ________________ pare yourself by reading this book.


Circle the letter next to the sentence that best explains the numbered statement.

1:The town had no forewarning of the earthquake.

(a) The town was destroyed.

(b) The town was frightened.

(c) The earthquake never happened.

(d) The town was taken by surprise.

2:The firm postdated the check to the following Monday.

(a) The check was dated after it was cashed.

(b) The check was blank until Monday.

(c) The check was not valid until the next Monday.

(d) There was no money in the bank account.

3:The clerk transferred the funds to another account.

(a) The clerk ran away with the money.

(b) Money was moved from one account to another.

(c) TThere was no money.

(d) The clerk was dishonest.

4:The sales clerk set up the book exhibit.

(a) The clerk made appointments for authors.

(b) The clerk put books on display.

(c) TThe books were on sale.

(d) The exhibit was a failure.

5:June's pay increase was retroactive six months.

(a) The firm delayed giving pay increases.

(b) June had to wait six months before receiving a raise.

(c) TThe increase was made effective for the six previous months.

(d) The pay increase blew up.

6:Harry makes a good salesman; he is a real extrovert.

(a) Harry talks too much.

(b) Harry is outgoing.

(c) THarry is a “smooth talker.”

(d) Harry understands people.


Use each of the following words in a sentence that demonstrates that you understand the meaning of the word.




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