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Working with Words


Circle the letter next to the answer that best defines the italicized word or phrase. Use the context clues of contrast to help you decide. Underline the signals that tell you to watch for a contrast.

1:While the production materials were inexpensive, the finished goods were very dear.

(a) good

(b) distant

(c) costly

(d) useful

2:Contributions to the charity were optional. Most employees made a donation even though it was not required.

(a) high

(b) elective

(c) observed

(d) due

3:The house was in close proximity to the park but far from shopping centers.

(a) above

(b) comparable

(c) near

(d) measured

4:Rather than being related to the issues, the politician's remarks were irrelevant.

(a) unrelated

(b) meddlesome

(c) rude

(d) humorous

5:The two brothers were very different. While one was meticulous about everything, the other paid no attention to details.

(a) precise

(b) calculating

(c) angry

(d) direct

6:While everyone else in the meeting was relaxed, the presenter was feeling some anxiety.

(a) intelligence

(b) nervousness

(c) sincerity

(d) chill

7:The number of items was equivalent; however, the quality was not the same.

(a) equal

(b) valuable

(c) large

(d) double

8:The action they took was hasty and unwise; it was not prudent.

(a) slow

(b) important

(c) wise

(d) free

9:The employer looked for competent workers, not ones without ability.

(a) energetic

(b) able

(c) intelligent

(d) self-motivated

10:After months of refusing to agree to management's terms, the workers finally capitulated.

(a) gave in

(b) filed suit

(c) left work

(d) went home


From the following list, select the word that best completes each sentence and write the word in the blank space provided. Use the contrast in the sentence to help you decide. Use each word only once. Use all of the words.

irrelevant competent proximity anxiety dear
meticulous optional equivalent capitulate prudent

1:The team did not have to practice on Saturday or Sunday; weekend practice was ________________.
2:The committee was very ________________ in its review of the financial reports; it did not miss a single number.
3:The department store goods were formerly very ________________, but now their prices are very reasonable.
4:Although he was nervous before the test, after it began he had no ________________.
5:The sales manager thought that changing advertising agencies was a good idea, but the executive committee decided that it would not be ________________.
6:Art gave his supervisor many reasons to change the decision, but the supervisor would not ________________.
7:I cannot go far to work; the factory must be in close ________________ to my residence.
8:While they put in the same number of hours, their pay was not ________________.
9:Janet performed the job very poorly; she was not ________________.
10:She continued to give answers that had nothing to do with the questions. Her responses were ________________.


Use each of the following words or phrases in a sentence. Include a contrast to help make the meaning clear.

4:close proximity



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