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Chapter 28. Marketing > Working with Words

Working with Words


From the following list, select the word that best fits the meaning of each sentence and write the word in the blank space provided. Use each word only once. Use all of the words.

segment branding differentiation
demographics research competitors

1:A group of customers who share an interest, need, or other attribute is called a market _______________.
2:A company's market _______________ includes its examination of customers' needs and priorities.
3:A product whose name and characteristics are very well known is said to have _______________.
4:United Airlines and Northwest Airlines are _______________.
5:_______________ refers to statistical information about a population or group of people.
6:Companies use product _______________ to distinguish their product or service from other products or services.


In each group, underline the word that does not belong with the others. Then state why it doesn't belong.

1:differentiate, distinguish, stand out, sell
2:shared characteristics, market segment, product features, buyer types
3:household term, company name, high recognition, brand
4:group characteristics, demographics, statistics, democracy
5:partner, rival, competitor, adversary


Read the following ad and answer the questions that follow it.

Attention Oregon Parents!

Help your children learn mathematics the fun way—with Numbers On!, the new math instructional software that guarantees success for every child.

Your children can have fun mastering math concepts while conquering outer space or discovering lost civilizations. Learners apply math to motivating, creative problems involving time and space.

Numbers On! offers true value for your educational dollar. Our low price is half the price of Math Crunch or Math Master. Compare today— and you'll soon order Numbers On!

1:Name two competitors of Numbers On!
2:What market segment does this ad target? Describe the people this ad is trying to reach.
3:How is Numbers On! differentiated from its competitors?
4:What do we know about the Numbers On! positioning?


Use each of the following words or phrases in a sentence that demonstrates that you understand the meaning of the word or phrase.

1:market segment
2:product differentiation
5:market research



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