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Chapter 28. Marketing > Competition



TO: Feathered Friends Employees

FROM: Marketing Director

SUBJECT: Positioning

The new Feathered Friends assemble-your-own houses are positioned as 

high-quality, easy-to-assemble birdhouses, especially the 

multifamily bird condominiums. We want Feathered Friends to be the 

brand consumers think of when it comes to houses for any kind of 

bird—the name as familiar to bird lovers as Broadway is to theater 

lovers. Feathered Friends will be the household word for birdhouses.

   Our main competitor is Brown's Bedrooms for Birds. Our houses 

will be differentiated from Brown's houses by being buildable in 

half the time. Also, our houses are much better quality.

   Up until now, our whole company has been known for quality, and 

we shall make sure that the Feathered Friends birdhouses will 

continue this positioning. People know that Brown's Bedrooms means 

cheap. We want to be sure that we do not get that reputation. 

Please remember that Feathered Friends means “Quality for Birds” in 

everything you do!


Circle T or F to indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false.


TFTo differentiate means to distinguish one product or company from another.


True. Differentiation means how something is different or how people perceive it as different.


TFA competitor to Feathered Friends is Broadway.


False. Feathered Friends' competitors are other companies that sell birdhouses.


TFFeathered Friends birdhouses' positioning is about six feet above the ground.


False. In marketing, positioning refers to the position something holds in the minds of the buyers or the public. Feathered Friends wants to claim the position of “high-quality and easy to assemble.”


TFFeathered Friends wants to be a brand name.


True. Becoming a brand name means becoming an extremely familiar name, and that name should carry some meaning. Since brand names are so widely recognized, they tend to sell more.


TFPositioning refers to how something is perceived by the marketplace. Differentiation is how something is different from other products or services.


True. Positioning and differentiation are similar in some ways, but they are not always exactly the same.



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