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Chapter 28. Marketing > Market Research

Market Research


TO: Bette Royce

FROM: Market Research Director

SUBJECT: Results of Shopper Survey

Over the past few weeks, we asked shoppers in the 

UltraWorld Shopping Mall to complete a short survey 

about our new line of products called “Silken Moments.” 

We also asked some shoppers to try the product and then 

we interviewed them. The results of this market research 

indicate that only one market segment will pay a 

substantial premium to obtain Silken Moments lotions and 


   The demographics of the market segment that indicated 

willingness to purchase these products include the 

following: income over $80,000 per year, an average age 

of 38 years, education level of two years of college or 

more, and female.


Circle T or F to indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false.


TFOne kind of market research gathers information about customers' likes and preferences, buying behaviors, and other characteristics.


True. Other market research examines competing products, services, and companies, tests the effectiveness of advertisements or promotions, and evaluates locations for stores or offices.


TFA market segment is a particular type or group of people who buy goods and services.


True. A market segment is a part of the purchasing public or decision makers that have something in common. People who go sailing, travel, go to school, or earn a certain income could each be a market segment. Notice that some market segments overlap.


TFDemographics is the type of art used on product packaging.


False. Demographics are statistics about groups of people. The prefix demo- refers to people, as in democracy.


TFIn marketing language, a market segment is part of a grocery store.


False. A market segment is a group of customers or potential customers.


TFThe market segment that would be most likely to buy Silken Moments lotions and creams is work-study students.


False. The people in the market segment most likely to buy Silken Moments products are about 38 years old and earn good incomes. These are probably not work-study students.



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