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Letter from Executive Search Firm

Dear Ms. Downing,

We have found two highly qualified candidates for you

to consider for the position of executive vice president.

Your description of the desired person stressed

that leadership ability is the main quality you are

looking for. Both candidates have extensive leadership

ability, that is, they can influence others to

achieve goals or perform in a certain manner.

   However, after interviewing each candidate at

length, we have concluded that the two individuals

are very different types of leaders. One is a transactional

leader who is task-oriented and tends to

focus intensely on roles and tasks, and greatly values

clarity in task requirements and performance. The

other is a transformational leader, more person-

oriented, and leads by inspiring and motivating those

involved to do their best for the good of the company.

   In our opinion, your company has reached a stage

in its growth and development where it will benefit

most from the transformational leader. Nonetheless,

we have enclosed the files on both candidates and

will make appointments for you to meet them at your




Circle T or F to indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false. Use the context clues in the preceding letter to help you decide.


TFLeaders influence others.


True. One key characteristic of a leader is that he or she can influence others to behave in certain ways and motivate them to achieve goals.


TFAll leaders behave the same way.


False. Leaders vary considerably in their approaches to leadership. Two types of leaders discussed in the letter are the transactional leader and the transformational leader.


TFA transactional leader tends to focus on personal transactions.


False. A transactional leader tends to focus on task requirements.


TFA transformational leader is more personoriented than a transactional leader.


True. Transformational leaders focus on people more than tasks.


TFPeople are more likely to be inspired by a transactional leader.


False. Transactional leaders are not generally inspirational. They tend to lead by clarifying roles and tasks.



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