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Chapter 9. Importance > Working with Words

Working with Words


Circle the word in parentheses that best completes each sentence.

1:The purchase of the new equipment was ________________ to the success of the firm. (momentous / essential / salient)
2:Their ________________ concern was the health of their children. (paramount / eminent / essential)
3:The customers who attended the presentation were impressed with the ________________ speaker. (momentous / essential / eminent)
4:The ________________ feature of the product is the ease of use. (urgent / eminent / salient)
5:The firm's president was asked to speak at the ________________ event. (salient / eminent / momentous)


Write a word in the blank space provided that is “more than” the word given. Use words you already know … and your imagination!


louder than talkscream
better than goodexcellent

1. worse than bad________________
2. thinner than thin________________
3. older than mature________________
4. younger than adolescent________________
5. shinier than bright________________
6. hotter than warm________________
7. colder than cool________________
8. wetter than damp________________
9. madder than angry________________
10. sadder than blue________________

On a separate sheet of paper, write a sentence using each of the words you wrote in the blank spaces.


Use each of the following phrases in a sentence that demonstrates that you understand the meaning of the phrase.

Example salient benefit

The salient benefit was the generous vacation time

1:the eminent physician
2:the salient feature
3:the essential part
4:a momentous occasion
5:the paramount concern
6:the salient point
7:essential to the formula
8:a momentous decision
9:eminent scholar
10:paramount achievement



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