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Chapter 26. Employment > Working with Words

Working with Words


Circle the letter next to the answer that best completes the sentence. Use your knowledge of context clues, prefixes, and roots to help you decide.

1:Josephine received an increase in _______________ after a year on the job.

(a) personnel

(b) commensuration

(c) compensation

(d) initiative

2:The salary for that job is _______________.

(a) severance

(b) deficient

(c) proficient

(d) negotiable

3:Mr. Morrison lacks _______________; he continually needs direction.

(a) a map

(b) compensation

(c) initiative

(d) opportunity

4:Ms. Ely received _______________ pay when the company terminated her job.

(a) severance

(b) commensurate

(c) back

(d) retention

5:The firm's employees had all worked there more than five years. This was considered to be a very good rate of _______________.

(a) compensation

(b) initiative

(c) retention

(d) personnel

6:You will need to be interviewed by the _______________ department.

(a) compensation

(b) initiative

(c) retention

(d) personnel

7:That firm has no minorities and has been accused of _______________.

(a) recrimination

(b) initiation

(c) discrimination

(d) retention

8:Mr. Gardner, a very _______________ person, is valuable in many areas of the company.

(a) discriminating

(b) commensurate

(c) versatile

(d) negotiable


In each group, underline the word that does not belong with the others. Then state why it doesn't belong.

1:compensation, salary, benefits, retention
2:initiative, commensurate, proportionate, fair
3:initiative, versatility, competence, personnel
4:marketing, accounting, personnel, salary
5:retention, seniority, time, race
6:bargain, negotiate, salary, discuss
7:skilled, neat, proficient, competent
8:discharge, terminate, discriminate, end


Use each of the following words or phrases in a sentence that demonstrates that you understand the meaning of the word or phrase.

2:commensurate with
4:proficient in
5:discriminate against
7:severance pay



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