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Chapter 2. Definitions > Working with Words

Working with Words


Circle the letter next to the answer that best completes the sentence. Use the definition in the sentence to help you determine the best answer. Underline the signal that tells you to watch for a definition.

1:Just as they had been for years, the customary steps were followed—that is, the ________________ procedures were carried out.

(a) harmful

(b) usual

(c) customer's

(d) new

2:The animals looked healthy. They exhibited, or ________________, no symptoms of disease.

(a) exchanged

(b) hid

(c) earned

(d) showed

3:The director of financial accounting ordered that the firm's extra funds be disbursed to, or ________________, deserving employees.

(a) distributed to

(b) hidden from

(c) taken from

(d) shown to

4:By their mutual, or ________________, agreement, the two firms combined to form one.

(a) short

(b) false

(c) insurance

(d) joint

5:The driver did not maintain the van properly. An accident occurred when the brakes failed and the driver was fined for negligence, or ________________.

(a) poor vision

(b) unnecessary speed

(c) careless neglect

(d) drugs

6:The smokers were warned that smoking is detrimental, injurious, and dangerous to their health—in short, ________________.

(a) effective

(b) hated

(c) harmful

(d) crafty

7:The bank would not cash the check due to insufficient funds in the account, in other words, ________________.

(a) there was no signature on the check.

(b) the account was too old.

(c) there was not enough money in the account.

(d) it was the wrong bank.

8:The consignment, or ________________, was delivered to the wrong address.

(a) shipment of goods

(b) connection

(c) signature

(d) employee


Use each of the following words in a sentence that also gives its meaning. Refer to the lesson and the preceding exercise as needed.




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