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Working with Words


Circle the letter next to the answer that best defines the italicized word. Use common sense and the context clues of comparison and example to help you decide. Underline the signal that tells you to watch for a comparison or example.

1:Like a jeweler cutting a diamond, the machine cut the patterns with great precision.

(a) messiness

(b) exactness

(c) frequency

(d) loudness

2:Like an argument between parents distresses children, the angry confrontation between the managers made others in the room uncomfortable.

(a) argument

(b) door

(c) wedge

(d) hug

3:Just as research helps scientists make educated guesses, the information about the problem led them to make several intelligent deductions about its cause.

(a) chemicals

(b) more money

(c) conclusions

(d) none of the above

4:The small remuneration for the work was almost like getting no money at all.

(a) bribe

(b) pay

(c) work

(d) penalty

5:The benefits were changed to include dental insurance, more vacation days, and life insurance.

(a) rules of a factory

(b) calendars of meetings

(c) expenses related to work

(d) ”extras” from an employer

6:They tried many ways to get the information. Their endeavors included volunteer hours on the phone and surveys at shopping centers.

(a) efforts

(b) lunches

(c) premiums

(d) pay

7:The company made several acquisitions last year, including new equipment and new office furniture.

(a) purchases

(b) mistakes

(c) targets

(d) moves

8:We need to make amendments to the claim; for instance, we need to change the amount claimed and rewrite the description of the damage.

(a) deliveries

(b) transmissions

(c) changes

(d) signatures


In each group, underline the word that does not belong with the others. Then state why it doesn't belong. The first one is done for you as an example.

1: argument, confrontation, contraction, fight

A contraction is not a type of fight.

2:purchase, manage, acquisition, property
3:endeavors, attempts, efforts, clues
4:precision, exactness, presence, care
5:obvious, explicit, free, clear


Use each of the following words in a sentence. Include an example or comparison to help make the meaning clear.




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