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Chapter 1. Commonsense Questions > Working with Words

Working with Words


Circle T or F to indicate whether the statements that follow each numbered sentence are true or false. Use the sentence context and your common sense to decide.

1:The workers were glad to hear that their new pay increases were retroactive to the beginning of the previous month. (Hint: Why would the timing of a pay increase make workers happy?)

TFThe pay increase would not begin for two months.
TFThe workers would receive additional pay for work they had already been paid for.

2:The experts were hired to enhance the computer system so that it could prepare additional types of reports. (Hint: Could the computer already do everything needed?)

TFThe computer system was removed and a new one installed.
TFThe original computer system did not do everything the company wanted it to do.

3:The office used the constructive suggestions immediately. (Hint: What type of suggestions would be used immediately?)

TFThe suggestions were silly.
TFThe suggestions were probably practical.
TFThe suggestions were just complaints and not very useful.

Now use your own commonsense questioning for the remainder of the items.

4:The rules prohibited using the office telephones for personal calls.

TFEmployees were not allowed to use the telephones for personal calls.
TFThe rules forbid using the telephones for personal calls.

5:The manufacturer wanted to expedite shipping the goods because the customers needed them in a hurry.

TFThe manufacturer wanted to rush the goods to the customer.
TFThe manufacturer wanted to stop shipping.

6:Please verify that all items on the bill were actually purchased.

TFYou are being asked to pay the bill.
TFYou are being asked to make sure you are not being charged for something that was not purchased.

7:The diverse shapes, sizes, and colors gave the candle buyers many choices.

TFThere are many different styles of candles.
TFThe candles are large.

8:The firm wanted to expand its customer service department so it could serve more customers.

TFThe customer service department was serving enough customers.
TFThe firm wanted to make the customer service department larger.

9:The supervisor's decision was not impartial; he gave special consideration to his nephew.

TFThe supervisor had no favorites; his decision was fair.
TFThe supervisor's decision was influenced by his relationship with his nephew.

10:Due to her inquisitive nature, Ms. McComas was often asking “why?”

TFMs. McComas wanted more knowledge.
TFMs. McComas liked to make inquiries—that is, to ask questions.


From the following list, select the word that best completes each sentence and write the word in the blank provided. Use the sentence context to help you decide. Use each word only once. Use all of the words.

constructive diverse enhance
obsolete prohibit verify

1:John Garcia could do many jobs because of his ________________ skills.
2:The criticisms were not very ________________; they were not practical or realistic.
3:The nonsmoking office workers wanted management to ________________ smoking.
4:The committee decided to replace the longtime president, saying that his ideas were ________________.
5:The accounting clerk's job was to ________________ the amounts on the sales slips.
6:The graphs were added to ________________ the appearance of the report.


Use each of the following words in a sentence that demonstrates that you understand the meaning of the word.




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