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Chapter 5. Cause and Effect > Working with Words

Working with Words


Circle the letter next to the answer that best defines the italicized word or phrase. Use common sense and the context clues of cause and effect to help you decide. Underline the signal that tells you to watch for a cause or effect.

1:The engineers needed to modify the equipment so that it would be in compliance with government regulations.

(a) in violation of

(b) in accordance with

(c) in payment of

(d) in compromise with

2:The bank closed Anna's checking account due to insufficient funds.

(a) counterfeit

(b) lack of

(c) unavailable

(d) lateness

3:Barry added a loudspeaker to the system in order to augment the sound level.

(a) add to

(b) change

(c) decrease

(d) modulate

4:The attorneys added several items of clarification to the contract so that the clients would better understand the terms of the agreement.

(a) cost

(b) adjudication

(c) explanation

(d) restriction

5:Since she was proficient with the accounting spreadsheet computer program, her supervisor assigned her the most difficult spreadsheet tasks.

(a) skilled

(b) happy

(c) new

(d) frustrated

6:Cristina did not remit her payments by the deadline, and consequently her insurance was canceled.

(a) collect

(b) reprimand

(c) send

(d) request

7:Donald's speech obscured the facts, resulting in a poorly informed audience.

(a) told

(b) hid

(c) spent

(d) obtained

8:The doctor donated her services to the free clinic; thus, no compensation was due her.

(a) appreciation

(b) compromise

(c) time sheet

(d) payment

9:If the present method does not solve the problem, (then) you will need to try an alternate approach.

(a) different

(b) chance

(c) altruistic

(d) methods

10:They labeled each product with a colored tag so that they could differentiate them from one another.

(a) reproduce

(b) package

(c) distinguish

(d) subtract


In each group, underline the word that does not belong with the others. Then state why it doesn't belong.

1:augment, intensify, increase, fight
2:send, pay, rebut, remit
3:unseen, hidden, obscured, related
4:efficient, expensive, proficient, skilled
5:deteriorate, differentiate, distinguish, discriminate


Use each of the following words in a sentence. Include the cause-and-effect signal indicated in parentheses to help make the meaning clear.

1:augment (since)
2:insufficient (because)
3:proficient (so that)
4:clarification (in order to)
5:remit (if/then)



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