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MEMO TO THE STAFF (continued)

The firm's database program manages a wealth of data concerning the

company. An important database file you should know about is the

customer order file. This file contains a record for each purchase.

Each purchase record contains four fields—customer, item, price, and

date of the purchase. Those of you in sales should find this file

extremely useful for your planning and reporting.


Read the preceding memo. Using context clues, determine the meaning of each italicized word. Then, from the following list, select the word or phrase that best completes each sentence and write the word or phrase in the blank space provided.

database filesfieldsrecordsdatabase program

1:Inside a database file are _______________ that contain related information such as a customer's orders or an employee's pay and deductions.

records. For example, your school probably keeps all your course grades in your student record, and your bank keeps a record of all the transactions for your checking account. A single order could be a record.

2:Records are composed of _______________.

fields. For example, a record of an order for a sweater might include fields for style, color, size, date of order, customer name, customer address, date shipped, price of item, tax, weight, shipping, and other related information.

3:We use a _______________ called DataKeep.

database program. The application that computers use to enter, sort, retrieve, analyze, and report the information in a database is a database program.

4:Facts and figures are contained in ________________.



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