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Memo to all Office Staff

The office equipment will be moved next Monday

evening. When you report to your new workstation on

Tuesday, please check to see that your computer

equipment is set up and working properly. Check all

hardware, including your peripherals, to make sure

everything is properly connected. Each workstation is

now equipped with a printer and a scanner.

   Test your software programs, especially your word-

processing, database, and spreadsheet applications, and

report any problems to the IT (information technologies)

department. Also, check to make sure that you have not

lost any information from your data files. Since we

completed a full backup prior to the move, we can

restore any missing or corrupted files.

   In the new office, all computers are electronically

connected to a network, so you will be able to share

applications and data.


Read the preceding memo. Using context clues, determine the meaning of each italicized word. Then, from the following list, select the word that best completes each sentence and write the word in the blank space provided. Check the definition to verify your answer.


1:Susan created ________________ files so that she could restore her important data if her computer failed.
A1: backup. A backup file is a copy of a file.
2:Henry is an expert on spreadsheet and word-processing ________________ or ________________ programs.
A2: applications; software. Applications are the types of software programs that a computer uses to accomplish tasks such as word processing, financial reports, games, and other activities.
3:________________ include various things to attach to a computer, such as printers and scanners.
A3: peripherals. The word peripheral means “outer” or “around the edges.” So things that attach to a computer rather than being inside it are called peripherals.
4:An important advantage of a ________________ is that programs and data can be easily shared.
A4: network. Programs and data can be shared by users of a network because the users' computers are linked together.
5:A computer is ________________.
A5: hardware. Computers and peripherals are called hardware. Software refers to programs or sets of commands that make the computer do things.



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