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Chapter 29. Accounting > Working with Words

Working with Words


Circle the letter next to the answer that best completes the sentence. Use your knowledge of context clues, prefixes, and roots to help you decide.

1:We would like to _______________ payment for 30 days; a check will be mailed to you at that time.

(a) reimburse

(b) reconcile

(c) defer

(d) defrost

2:Please _______________ payment as soon as possible.

(a) refuse,

(b) remit,

(c) commit

(d) defer

3:Our _______________ department will send you a check for the amount the company owes you.

(a) payables

(b) ledgers

(c) receivables

(d) invoice

4:Please _______________ the office rent so that the company pays only for the days it occupied the building.

(a) pay

(b) remit

(c) prorate

(d) accrue

5:The budget committee _______________ funds specifically for upgrading the computer system.

(a) allocated

(b) balanced

(c) prorated

(d) reimbursed

6:Mr. Yee asked the firm to _______________ his travel expenses as soon as possible.

(a) renovate

(b) defer

(c) reimburse

(d) reform

7:Ms. Redwing indicated that the _______________ offered to her for completing the project was adequate.

(a) remuneration

(b) asset

(c) invoice

(d) debit

8:Does the firm have more _______________ or liabilities?

(a) balances,

(b) assets,

(c) accounting

(d) marketing


In each group, underline the word that does not belong with the others. Then state why it doesn't belong.

1:pay, accrue, remit, reimburse
2:remuneration, reimbursement, compensation, reconciliation
3:asset, allocate, prorate, accrue
4:balance sheet, liability, asset, receivable


Use each of the following words or phrases in a sentence that demonstrates that you understand the meaning of the word or phrase.

1:remit payment
2:allocate funds for
3:payables clerk
4:overdue invoices
5:balance sheet
6:remuneration for
7:prorate the amount
8:request reimbursement for



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