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Lesson 12. Writing E-Mail - Pg. 50

50 Chapter 12. Writing E-Mail In this lesson you learn general principles for making your internal e-mail communication more effective, including ways to make initiating, sorting, and responding easier for you and your recipient. The E-Mail Phenomenon Ten years ago, e-mail was unheard of outside a few technical and academic circles. As few as five years ago, e-mail was an unusual form of internal business communication. Today, of course, e- mail is ubiquitous, both in personal and business settings. In the business environment, the use of e-mail has spread like kudzu, threatening to overwhelm and virtually eliminate other forms of communication. The reasons for the rapid proliferation of e-mail are obvious: The same message can be sent to all relevant parties simultaneously, you can read and respond to e-mail on your own schedule (whether that be 3 o'clock in the afternoon or 3 o'clock in the morning), and it combines the instantaneous nature of voice communication with the perma-