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Lesson 11. Writing Business Letters > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 49

Writing Business Letters · Conclude, or sum up, your letter. · Request or agree to initiate a specific action. · Provide a specific time by which the action will or should occur. 49 Writing the Closing The closing paragraph of the letter to your client might look like the following: Note I have enjoyed our association to date, and look forward to many more years of working with you. To that end, I would like to clear up the confusion around my invoice for the Re- launch Project as quickly as possible. I'll call your assistant later this week to arrange a time we can discuss the issue. Sincerely, Eric Smith In this case, you need help from your recipient (information about why the payment is delayed), so it makes sense for you to be the one who takes the next action step (in this case, calling his assis- tant). Caution Angry letters can make the recipient angry and defensive in turn. If your objective is to get some action from him--correcting his mistake, for example--keep in mind that the tone of your letter will have an impact on how well received it is, and how likely your recipient is to take the action requested.