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Writing a Presentation Document Company A has a dominant position in the Midwest region, allowing them to spend less in promotion. · Company A market share is 60 percent in the Midwest. · Their total promotional spending is 75 percent of competitive average. · Promotional spending per unit is 30 percent of competitive average for Company A. Companies C and D are vulnerable in the East Region due to low brand awareness. · Brand awareness for C and D is 12 percent and 15 percent, respectively. · Both companies' promotional spending is increasing annually. · Market share for both C and D is declining. · Wallets and organizers represent a strong profit opportunity in the West Region. · (And so on ...) 58 As with a written summary of analysis, end your presentation with an Indicated Actions section, based on your conclusions. The Mechanics of the Presentation Deck While the framework for your presentation deck should follow along the same general lines as a memo, some of the mechanics will be different. We will examine four important aspects: · · · · Brevity Charts and graphs Other visuals Handouts