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Lesson 13. Writing a Presentation Docume... > Structuring Your Informative Present... - Pg. 57

Writing a Presentation Document Tip 57 Just as you would outline an important memo, you may find that outlining your presentation makes the actual writing faster and easier. Structuring Your Informative Presentation Similarly, if you're preparing an informative presentation, your deck would follow the summary or analysis structure: · Overview · Background · Findings and conclusions · Indicated actions A presentation deck is the written form of a presentation--the "deck" of pages that you show your audience as you go through your presentation. A page of a deck is sometimes called a slide. The Overview and Background sections would be the same as for the persuasive presentation. Exactly how the Findings and Conclusions sections are structured will depend in part on the nature of your conclusions. For example, suppose you are the marketing manager of a line of leather products (wallets, attachés, organizers, and so on). You've just completed a major survey of a competitor's marketing activities, including differences by region, by month, and by major product line, and are going to present these findings to two different groups. The first presentation of your competitive analysis is to your com- Plain English