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Lesson 13. Writing a Presentation Docume... > The Mechanics of the Presentation De... - Pg. 59

Writing a Presentation Document Finding 1: Promotional support as a percent of wholesale revenue: Companies A and B: 8 percent All others: (average) 12 percent Slide 3 Finding 2: Brand-name recognition (unaided awareness): Company A: 78 percent All others: less than 52 percent Slide 4 Finding 3 (And so on ...) 59 Notice that there is not much information on any single slide-- generally only one or two important points. In this way, you can lead the presentation by focusing your audience's attention on the single point under discussion, rather than allowing your audience to "read ahead." Caution Don't overwhelm your audience with too many visual effects such as complex slide transi- tions and zooming text. Be sure the content of your presentation is what is remembered, not the "slide show."