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Chapter 15. Style Facilitates Effective ... > Style Principle Three: Use the Activ... - Pg. 70

Style Facilitates Effective Communication 70 Specific You should find Friday's working session beneficial. We will refine the initiative's strategy and plan based on the results we generate at the session. Being specific is also critical when you're presenting data tables. Be sure to accurately label the tables. Assume that at least one of your readers is not familiar with the data or sources you're presenting. Finally, don't use jargon or cliches; they communicate the writer's lack of clarity or vocabulary. Find the right word and use it. Tip Don't use vague modifiers such as "very." These modifiers clutter your writing. Style Principle Three: Use the Active Voice Using the active voice will make your writing more inviting, and likely more concise and specific. Concise and specific writing leads to clear communication. If you're presenting a recommendation for approval, or a point of view for adoption, the clearer your message, the more likely it is to be adopted. Consider the following examples of passive and active sentences. Which would you rather read? Passive What we need are your ideas for the new sales plan. Active