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Lesson 9. Specify What Should Happen Nex... > The Indicated Actions Section - Pg. 38

Specify What Should Happen Next Caution 38 Don't assume everyone knows what steps are needed to complete the plan and who is responsible for each step, even if it seems obvious. Include all the steps needed so your memo can serve as a guide for the appropriate people. Tip Be sure to send a copy of your memo to everyone who is responsible for a next step. This will serve as a reminder to them about their responsibility, as well as documentation of who's supposed to do what. In some cases, however, you may want to spell out the specifics of the plan in more detail. For example, producing and inventorying Brand X in sufficient quantities to support a national rollout may entail significant coordination of manufacturing schedules, and thus require a much more de- tailed action plan, such as the following. The sell-in is the period at the start of a new product introduction in which the product is first sold into the stores that will carry it. Since stores must usually build up an inventory of a new product, the sell-in can be a significant percentage of total sales for a new product introduction. Manufacturing Plan Date March 1 March 15 April 1 Activity Develop initial quantity estimates for sell-in Develop production plan to meet estimated need Move production of Brand Y to alternate plant to accommodate in- Responsibility Sales (Mary Thompson) Manufacturing (John Smith) Manufacturing (John Smith) Plain English