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Lesson 9. Specify What Should Happen Next > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 40

Specify What Should Happen Next 40 By writing a thorough, well-documented Next Steps section as outlined in this lesson, you can ensure that your recommendation is carried out the way you planned. You've not only provided a step-by- step process for each responsible individual to follow, but also created a written record of who is supposed to do what and by when. The 30-Second Recap · For memos in which you propose a plan of action, conclude with a Next Steps section. · Your Next Steps section should include what needs to be done to implement the plan, who is responsible for doing it, and when it will be complete. · Conclude summaries and analyses with an Indicated Actions section. · Your Indicated Actions section should describe actions that may be appropriate for the organi- zation to undertake, based on the findings or analysis you've done. · The Indicated Actions section should lay out what you plan to do to initiate each action, along with when you plan to do it. If you are not the person initiating the action, you should state who that person is.