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Lesson 9. Specify What Should Happen Nex... > The Indicated Actions Section - Pg. 39

Specify What Should Happen Next 39 Writing the Indicated Actions Section Suppose you're the market research director of a company that organizes and manages golf tour- naments. You've recently completed research on what spectators most like to see at golf tourna- ments, and you wrote the research summary. Caution Be careful when you set deadlines for next steps or indication actions to ensure that those deadlines are realistic, particularly for items not directly in your control. Your reader will probably expect you to meet the deadlines you set, and be disappointed if you don't. Tip When listing next steps or indicated actions, use a bulleted or numbered list. Use bullets if the order of the actions isn't important, and numbers if the actions need to be in a specific order. Let's assume your findings are as follows (in part): Findings · Spectators prefer to watch holes that have considerable risk and offer significant reward vs. holes that are merely difficult for all players. For example, spectators prefer par 5s where going for the green in two requires hitting the second shot over water in front of the green, rather than very long par 4s on which the average score may be 4.5, but there is no significant obstacle to reaching the green. · Spectators like to see players facing a variety of challenges around the course. Specifically, while spec- tators want there to be some "risk" on every hole, they'd like to see a variety of risks throughout the course --for example, a narrow landing area for the drive on some holes, water hazards in play on some, pin placements that punish inaccurate approaches on some, and so on--but not all of these risks on any one hole.