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Chapter 10. Outline Your Thinking > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 44

Outline Your Thinking Fluffy Q provides a distinct and ownable product and positioning for the brand. Both the Q product and the more absorbent/ use-less positioning are clearly distinct from the premier segment leaders, and are significantly more appealing to consumers than the current Fluffy ("Research Study Number 254"). Fluffy Q delivers on the positioning with a unique and ownable product design. Using the Q technology, we can increase thickness without compromising softness. Other manufacturers are not capable of making a significantly thicker and heavier tissue without compromising softness. Fluffy Q is financially attractive. A financial analysis of Fluffy Q using a conservative volume estimate projects a 10 percent to 15 percent rate of return. For perspective, the company standard is 10 percent and our internal category target is 15 percent. We believe 15 percent is achievable based on initial concept and use results and consumer reaction to the product. Next Steps We need to qualify the process. We need to confirm the product design of plant-made product. 44 The outlining process can save you time in the long run, by helping you organize your thoughts, collect the information you need, and enable you to begin filling in the framework of the document you're writing. Taking this time up front allows you to quickly catch any gaps in your information or flaws in your logic, and correct them without having to rewrite the entire document. The 30-Second Recap · · · · · Always take time to outline before you begin writing. Start by stating your purpose for writing. List everything you know related to your purpose without worrying about sentence structure. Sort your thoughts by the memo sections found in the standard framework. Write your document based on your outline.