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Chapter 10. Outline Your Thinking > Start Writing - Pg. 43

Outline Your Thinking · Develop Fluffy Q for test market. Rationale · Fluffy Q is financially attractive. · Fluffy Q uniquely meets consumer needs. · The Fluffy Q positioning and product is unique and ownable. Next Steps The next steps should come directly from your understanding of what's needed to complete the plan you're recommending. You may wish to include these in your outline at this point, but since they don't affect the flow or the organization of information in the document, you may safely omit them until you write the final draft. Whenever you include the next steps, however, you should be sure they're complete, in the sense that they should suffice to execute the plan you're recommending. 43 Tip Keep copies of outlines and final drafts of documents you feel are well written and well- thought-out. You can then use these outlines and drafts as guides to help you write similar documents in the future. Caution It's easy to leave out information in the outlining process, figuring you can fill it in as you write the final draft. Try to avoid this, because you can forget to include it, or discover that the new information means the final draft doesn't flow like you thought it would, and you need to do an extensive rewrite. Start Writing