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Chapter 10. Outline Your Thinking > Use the Framework to Sort by Memo Sections - Pg. 42

Outline Your Thinking 42 Writing the Outline Suppose you're the brand manager for a premier, yet stagnant, brand of bathroom tissue named Fluffy. During the previous 12 months you have worked closely with managers from product devel- opment and market research to develop a product upgrade and new positioning for the brand. You are now ready to recommend the upgrade (Fluffy Q) for test market and need to write the recom- mendation for the general manager. Your first step is to state your purpose. Your next step is to put all of your thoughts about the test market recommendation on paper. Tip If you're having trouble beginning to outline, just start by writing down any fact, conclusion, or statement you think you will eventually want to include in the document. When you've written down four or five of these, sort them into the document framework. This will give you an excellent start on your outline, and should make completing the outline easier. Caution Try not to procrastinate on the outlining process. If you try to outline when you're under time pressure for the finished document, you can often short-change the outline, causing diffi- culty for the final document as well. Purpose · Develop Fluffy Q for test market. Related thoughts (everything you know that may be relevant to the document) · Fluffy share has declined steadily for the past 10 years from 9.8 percent to 6.6 percent.