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Chapter 10. Outline Your Thinking - Pg. 41

41 Chapter 10. Outline Your Thinking In this lesson you learn how to outline your memos based on the writing principles discussed in Lessons 1 through 3, and the memo framework discussed in Lessons 4 through 9. Why Outline? Writing an effective business document is easier if you take time to outline your document before you write. We are surprised at how many of our workshop participants choose not to outline first. They believe that outlining takes too much time. But outlining actually streamlines the writing proc- ess, makes the writing easier, the logic of your document flow more smoothly, and therefore can save you time. The flow of a document is the ease with which the reader can move from one statement to the next. In a document that flows well, each statement follows logically from the previous ones, and each subsequent statement is the one the reader expects to see, based on what Plain English