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Lesson 6. Making Your Recommendation or ... > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 25

Making Your Recommendation or Conclusions Conclusions 1. 25 2. 3. The "Half-Price" Promotion plan would be the most expensive to implement, and unless it generated significantly more repeat business among new customers than we presently obtain from current customers, it would be unprofitable to implement. The promotion eliminates our profit marrgin on the initial sale, requiring two additional sales at full price to establish an acceptable profit margin. The "New Distribution" Plan, while carrying the most risk, has the potential to be the most profitable. Hiring new salespeople to call on companies in industries we've never called on before will require significate up-front investment. However, if these new salespeople are as effective at selling our products in the new industries as our competitors are, we will dramat- ically increase customized lighting sales and overall profitability. The "Sales Incentive" Plan carries the least risk, and may be effective in focusing sales force effort on customized light. If it does, as Sales Management believes it will, this plan will in- crease company profitability. Although the test is not complete and you are not ready to recommend any specific plan, you want the brand and sales teams to understand initial results, initial results, including the plusses and minuses of each plan. In essence you're laying the foundation for a future recommendation. After these conclusions you would go on to support them in the key finfings section, which would likely include in this case specifics on each test plan, results to date, and projected end-of-test results. The 30-Second Recap · Recommendations tell yo9ur reader exactly what actions for which you're asking agreement or