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Lesson 6. Making Your Recommendation or ... > What Are Conclusions? - Pg. 23

Making Your Recommendation or Conclusions 23 · The recommendation itself.Depending on the complexity of the plan you're recommending, you may or may not include the details of how to implement it. The key is to keep the "what" here at a summary level. For example, you may be recommending that your business implement a national marketing plan based on the test market plan you implemented. You wouldn't include the details of the national plan here, but you would include an overview of the important attrib- utes. However, if the action plan is relatively simple, you may include it here. · The person or group you're asking approval or agreement from.For example, you may be ask- ing for your manager's approval, or you may be asking for the executive committee's approval. Be specific. · The benefits of your recommendation.For example, the benefit may be increased market share, better shelf presence, shorter lead time, or reduced expenses. Don't go overboard with the benefits in the recommendation, though. You'll defend your recommendation in the next section (see Lesson 7, "Providing Rationale for Your Recommendations"). Plain English A benefit of a recommendation is something positive that will happen for the organization as a direct result of implementing the recommended plan. Writing the Recommendation Suppose you're the marketing manager for a shampoo product that was successful in the test market and has received the general manager's final approval to launch nationally. At the time the general manager approved the expansion, she delayed final approval of the marketing plan until further business results and consumer usage and attitude data were available. Those results are now in, and you are writing a memo to gain final approval to the marketing plan for national launch.