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Appendix B. Glossary - Pg. 75

Glossary 75 memo A memo (short for memorandum) is any written interoffice communication, including most e- mail correspondence. The most common memos are recommendations and summaries. poorly written document A poorly written document is one in which the thinking is hard to follow, the point is hard to find, or the writing has mistakes or other flaws that distract and detract from the main message. presentation deck A presentation deck is the written form of a presentation--the "deck" of pages that you show your audience as you go through your presentation. A page of a deck is sometimes called a slide. rationale point A rationale point is one specific reason why accepting your proposal makes sound business sense. Resources Resources are the money, materials, or people needed to advance your business objectives. risk A risk important enough to be included in a Risks section is a threat to the success of the plan that is unique to this situation or significant in some way. The "usual" risks, such as possible competitive response or unforeseeable disasters, wouldn't generally qualify, since those risks are assumed to be there in all cases, and needn't be pointed out each time you write a recom- mendation. sell-in The sell-in is the period at the start of a new product introduction in which the product is first sold into the stores that will carry it. Since stores must usually build up an inventory of a new product, the sell-in can be a significant percentage of total sales for a new product introduction.